Founder + Partner

Kevin Eckert is the founding partner of BUILD LLC and emphasizes the implementation of innovative and cost-effective building solutions. He brings expertise, enthusiasm, and integrity to each potential client and project. Kevin's reputation is on the line for ensuring that each client gets the quality and level of care that BUILD promises for each project.

M.Arch, University of Kansas
Studio 804
B.S. Engineering, University of Kansas
Denmark International Study




Partner + Lead Architect

Andrew van Leeuwen develops effective design strategies and generates architectural packages.  He brings rigor, clarity and poetics to each project.  He is director of marketing, team photographer, and is responsible for the successful BUILD Blog.  Andrew doesn't rest until each phase of a project is completed to our client's and our own fulfillment.

M.Arch, Columbia University
B.Arch, Washington State University
Denmark International Study





Sandy Ha brings a social awareness to Team BUILD along with a catalog of cultural and community experiences. She combines her architectural training with experience in graphics, letterpress, and other media, including the BUILD Blog. And if you ever need to find out about the latest art exhibit, local restaurant opening, or the best nearby day hike, look no further.

M.Arch, University of Colorado
B.S.A.S., University of Illinois
Study Abroad Program Versailles


Project Manager

Bart Gibson brings in-depth construction expertise, enthusiasm, and unflappable determination.  His primary responsibilities are for the construction of BUILD's projects, and is the most effective expression of BUILD’s hands-on capability, project management driver and the author of all of demanding and tricky installs.  Bart can coordinate a jobsite, think about fishing, and tell a good joke simultaneously - and be highly effective at all three.

The School of Hard Knocks






Thomas Duff Bangs brings a versatility in his capabilities both in the office and out in the field. Over his years with BUILD, Duff has developed a well-rounded architectural approach in carrying a design through from concept to built project, and even gets his hands dirty from time to time on the construction end. When he's not training for S2V or amassing his laserdisc collection, he's likely on the other side of the Cascades, in search of sunnier skies.

M.Arch, Washington State University
B.Arch, Washington State University




Charles Caldwell brings care in his approach to design and graphics to the team. He can generate insightful diagrams and masterful renderings in a pinch, keeping the visual output at BUILD sharp and ever-evolving. When he's not watching the latest  fùtbol match, he's likely playing a futsal match of his own or working on his newest art project. 

B.Arch, University of Oregon





Carey Moran brings a can-do attitude to the table and slid right into our team with ease. Equipped with a couple stints in Denmark, a ski bum residency, and  prior internships at BUILD, Carey provides a keen and balanced design sensibility to any project. When she's not navigating the city on two wheels, she might be found on a snowy mountain or chopping firewood on a beach. 

M.Arch, University of Washington
Scan|Design Foundation Denmark Intern Exchange Program
B.A.S., Lehigh University
Denmark International Study





Cale Wilber brings his razor-sharp skills, a thoughtful approach, and good humor to the projects that come his way. When not enforcing the impeccable model-making standards at BUILD, you might find Cale buzzing across town on his bicycle or catching surf on the Washington coast. 

M.Arch, University of Washington
Scan|Design Foundation Denmark Intern Exchange Program
B.A. Industrial Design and Studio Art, Western Washington University




Connor Irick joins BUILD as an intern for the summer, bringing a wide range of skills to the table. Whether model-making, tinkering in the metal shop, or sailing the open seas, he approaches each endeavor with curiosity and attention.

M.Arch candidate, University of Washington
B.Arch, University of Washington
Rome Study Abroad




Jackie Eckert brings a playful, energetic dynamic to the office when she's not snoozing under Kevin's desk or chomping on her favorite stick in the backyard. While her design skills may still be in development, Jackie is already an expert guard dog and urban flower forager.

Obedience School Graduate