Kevin Eckert

Founder + Partner

Kevin is the founding partner at BUILD, and from its inception, he has established a culture of integrity and care for each relationship and project. He was part of the inaugural class of Studio 804 at the University of Kansas where he received his Bachelor of Science in Engineering and Masters in Architecture, including programs abroad in Denmark and Italy. Kevin brings decades of expertise in architecture, engineering, and construction management alongside a commitment to bring a lasting positive impact on the built environment and his community.




Andrew van Leeuwen

Partner + Lead Architect

Andrew is a partner and lead architect at BUILD. As the design director, he brings  rigor and clarity to every project with a balanced focus on poetics and value-based results for each client. Andrew received his Bachelors in Architecture from Washington State University and Masters in Architecture from Columbia University, and studied abroad in Denmark. Andrew leads the firm's outreach and public engagement, and is responsible for creating the BUILD Blog as well as BUILD's rigorous documenting and photography program. He contributes to the greater design community through ARCADE Magazine's interview series and participating in the University of Washington’s architecture program.



 Sandy Ha

Partner + Architect

Sandy is a partner and architect at BUILD. Joining the team with over a decade of cultural and community project experience, she is committed to creating connection, empowerment, and beauty through the expression of the built form. Sandy received her Bachelors in Architectural Studies at the University of Illinois and her Masters of Architecture at the University of Colorado, and studied abroad in France for two semesters. She brings a social awareness and holistic approach to her role as architect, social media manager, and cultural caretaker.


Bart Gibson

Partner + Project Manager

Bart is a partner and project manager at BUILD. Having spent decades managing a variety of teams and projects, he brings an unparalleled construction expertise coupled with a commitment to creative, effective solutions. Although with the firm for well over a decade, his early years as a commercial fisherman to his on-going role as a construction manager personify the firm’s results-driven approach.  Bart brings an engaging and seasoned perspective toward every project, as well as each interaction with all of BUILD’s vendors, contractors, and clients.






Carey Moran

Project Designer

Carey is a project designer at BUILD currently in pursuit of licensure. Joining the firm full time after a couple internship terms with BUILD, she adds tremendous value to the team. Carey received a Bachelors of Arts and Sciences for Architecture from Lehigh University and a Masters in Architecture from the University of Washington. Carey had multiple stints in Denmark for study abroad and a professional internship, and prior to that a few years as a snowboard instructor in Colorado for good measure. Carey brings an expansive and focused perspective to every project, with a solution-minded design sensibility. Since completing programs through UW and Scan|Design, Carey remains involved with these organizations as a contributing professional.



Cale Wilber

Project Designer

Cale is a project designer at BUILD. He joined the firm full time after completion of his Masters, with internships both in Denmark and at BUILD. Cale received his Bachelors of Art in Industrial Design and Studio Art from Western Washington University prior to his Masters in Architecture from the University of Washington. He  brings razor-sharp skills, endurance, thoughtfulness, and good humor to each project, as well as his multi-pronged outdoor pursuits. From Cale's start at the firm, he's elevated the model building program at BUILD, and holds a strong commitment to achieving the best results for each client, project, and community at  large.


Ariel Scholten


Ariel is a returning intern at BUILD. She joined the firm last summer with a multi-disciplinary perspective - incorporating architecture, landscape architecture, and painting in her work.  She received her Bachelors in Studio Art from the University of Puget Sound and is currently a candidate for a dual masters from the University of Washington in Architecture and Landscape Architecture. Inclusive of her studies, Ariel has studied abroad in Rome and participated in the Murcutt|AUSTRALIA studio. Equipped with professional experience in marketing and business development, Ariel brings depth, focus, and commitment to each project.



Jackie Eckert

Chief Canine

Jackie is the Chief Canine at BUILD. From her earliest days as a guard puppy of the office, she continues to bring a playful and alert dynamic to BUILD while ensuring her herd stays in order, producing results. Jackie completed obedience school and shows off her endurance on regular visits to Central Oregon. While her design skills are still in development, Jackie is a seasoned guard dog (challenge her at your own risk!) and urban flower forager.