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Seattle, Washington

Park Modern is a four-story, mixed-use building with underground parking and utilities near UW. Built on a parcel that’s marginally bigger than a single-family home site, Park Modern was conceived as an opportunity to create 12 homes and 3 commercial spaces that accommodate hundreds of users each day and provide affordable living and working spaces for an ever-growing community of modernists. Its modern design focuses on sensible living and working spaces, while its architecture optimizes natural daylight and practicality of space. 

Sustainability is embedded in all aspects of the Park Modern. The building’s shell is constructed of highly durable steel and glass with protected wood areas. Its systems are selected for low energy consumption, including radiant flooring supplied by a central boiler and a tractionless elevator. Its large expanses of glass and east-west units provide for ample light and ventilation, and its efficient fixtures and appliances were selected to last far beyond the industry standard.

Photography by BUILD LLC, Chase Jarvis, Art Grice, aerial images by Rory Savatgy