We are curious about the world; Reality is interesting to us.

We believe that if you do something, do it well.
Be intentional.
Be in action.
Be rigorous.
Have fun.

We are thinkers and designers of this period.
We respect the traditional by not copying it or getting in the way of it.

We are generalists: we guide a project through all stages.
We cause and forward built-form. We are accountable.

Complexities and how people live are what make design compelling and poetic.

We recognize how distinct each situation is, and extract the essence of a place.
We implement a kit of parts appropriate for each condition.

Solutions can be unassuming.
Know when it’s appropriate not to do anything; doing nothing is an option.

We draw from diverse resources to uncover inherent patterns and order.
Layering reveals the design process and becomes subtle ornament.
Form is rediscovered with each and every undertaking.

We design for flexibility and spontaneity.
Buildings capture and record the effects of people and weathering.

We firmly believe in material purity, technology, efficiency and precision.
We are rational.

We believe in design that is clean and unencumbered, but not sterile.
Pare down to the essence but don’t remove the poetry.

It’s funny — we research, devise, calculate, dissect, debate; we measure.  Yet it’s precisely the
immeasurable that we care deeply about — the undefinable, the intangible — the real.